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Delegate Comments

"Really extremely useful and
very well presented. An obvious
natural teacher which makes all the difference."

"Excellent! The best course Iíve been on. Where have you been all my professional life? I just wish I had been on this 10 years ago."

"This was absolutely brilliant and will save me 20 minutes a day."

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The Seminars

Seminar Outlines

Set out below is a summary of the topics covered on each of our Excel seminars.

To view a more detailed list of the content of each seminar, please click the appropriate seminar title. These files are in pdf format. If you are not able to read this file format you can click here to download Adobe Reader.

Making the Most of Excel

Understanding the Excel Screen; Creating an Excel Worksheet; Calculations & Functions including SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT & ROUND; Locking Cell References in Calculations; Formatting Essentials including Conditional Formatting; Viewing & Printing Larger Worksheets; Splitting Up Text in Excel; Sorting & Filtering Lists; Creating Effective Charts.

Advanced Excel 1

Using Range Names for Navigation & Calculations; Date & Time functions including TODAY, NOW, NETWORKDAYS & EDATE; Logical Functions including IF, AND & OR; Restricting Data Entry with Data Validation including Drop Down Lists; Protecting Worksheets & Files; Additional ways to Manipulate Lists including VLOOKUP, SUMIF & COUNTIF; PivotTables; Automating Worksheet Operations with Macros.

Advanced Excel 2

What If techniques including Goal Seek & Scenario Manager; Add together data held in different Sheets & Files; Paste Special techniques; Using Text Functions to Manipulate Text; Advanced Conditional Formatting using Rules Manager; Sort Lists by Colour, Icon & Custom List; Filter Lists on Multiple Criteria using Advanced Filter; Create & Edit Templates; Advanced Charting including Combination Charts & Trend Lines.


Seminar Notes

Detailed seminar notes, workbook and data files are emailed after the seminar allowing delegates to review and practise what they have learned in their own time and at their own pace.

Application Versions

The seminars are run under Windows and are suitable for users of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 as well as Office 365. Delegates will be provided with notes appropriate to the version that they use.


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